Friday, 25 April 2008

Whinge whine

Not very well the last couple of days. Evening before last I felt pretty rotten, my head started really aching and pounding, which wasn't fun. As the evening wore on, my temperature rose to 38, which meant that I was meant to ring in to the hospital and see if I should go in for some demestos strength IV anti-biotics. I was naughty and didn't. I felt rough, but wasn't ready for that.
I went to bed and didn't sleep too well. The withdrawl from steroids (at least I reckon that's what it was), kept me needing to get up to go to the toilet and then to keep drinking more water (good combo).
I woke up next morning and felt a lot better. My temperature was normal but I felt totally knackered (due to not sleeping much, I guess), so didn't do much in the day, appart from try to get some more sleep (thwarted by someone outside who was doing something with a chainsaw from 10.00 till 2. If I found out who, I might be inclined to return the favour!)

Anyway, whinge over. I feel improved again now. Yay!


Troy said...

Hey Baldy

Amy found your blog, so I've been catching up.

Just wanted to pop and leave a post, although having read your bloggery, well wishes seem to sound like such platitudes. Get well soon old man, keep your pecker up, no fool like an old fool ( that one doesn't make sense)

Still, I hope you're feeling better than you were when you last posted.

All the best - jacko

ps. I was speaking with my mum the other day, and se'd been talking with Ian Gardner's mum. (They'll do that, mums) Big T-Urn is a father apparently. Him and his missus had a son and called him Max. They're all well and living in Suffolk.


Hows Trix matey. Well not so good at moment for you but thats the twists and turns of the road to recovery. Arwe there days wher you are bedridden or do you make a point of getting up to study the Horse and Sport for an investment to take your mind to another sphere.??

Whens treatment finsihed and is that it over???

Good luck and health for future mate.


Richard said...

Hi Mark,

The week after having chemo is the worst and can sometimes end up with me not getting out of bed till well into the day. You just feel knackered and can feel generally unwell etc. The two weeks after, usually arn't too bad, unless I get an infection (which I've been doing recently). Anyway, I'm half way through the planned treatment. After that, assuming a clear scan, then thats it. I've then got regular checks to make sure it really is gone and doesn't come back (as it tends to come back meaner and in more places)