Monday, 7 April 2008

Blood test

I went into the local hospital to have a needle stuck in my arm and some of my precious life blood sucked out and stuck into a little bottle. Sounds quite nice when I put it like that. Basically, I have to have 2 blood tests each chemo cycle. One is a week after and the next is two days before. The idea is that they can check my white blood levels (and other blood stuff going on). So far, chemo has nuked my white cells and last chemo session they had to do another blood test on the day to see if I was okay to be squirted full of poison again.
Its kind of weird. You wander into the hospital, grab a numbered ticket and wait till you're called, then you go into a little room and sit in what looks like a chair designed for executions. A band is wrapped around your arm and when you're not expecting it, a needle is jammed in and some blood taken. Sometimes they try to distract you by asking a question, sometimes they give a warning, "get ready for a sharp scratch" and other times they just carry on with a bored expression. Can't blame em being bored. The lady who took my blood today (very painlessly, in fact) had just done 46 other people that day. I guess she should be pretty good with all the practice.

This last week, my first week into the cycle, kind of sucked. Basically every day, other than today, I've felt like I was going to be sick, except known that I'm not. A bit unfair really. At least if I could have just hurled, it might have sorted it out! Anyway, today the sickness monster returned to its cave until next time. I'll miss you.



It must be horrible feeling sick but not being able to as such.

As you have stated at least when your normally sick you can do the usual and you feel better but the treatment your going through means you can feel awful all day.

Anyway you have the right attitude and thats what you certainly need. Head up, shoulders back and walk strong even though you feel like head down over toilet. You can rid your body of those cancerous cells no problem. The treatment may make you feel low but as you have stated it is ridding those orrible critters out you body and kicking them into touch so they dont feel like working properly and just piss off out your body with their cell arses kicked ... so as to speak in non medical terms.

Better health to you mate as each day goes on ..


Keep up the fight as i am sure you will win with your attitude mate .. onwards and upwards for you Rich.

Good health


I thought my posts were vanishing but you have a moderator on. Its alright i am not mad and repeat myself even if it looks that way ..ha ha

Richard said...

I'm basically just a big whinger. I felt sick but it wasnt as if I was curled up in a ball constantly retching, like I know some people have been. I've been pretty lucky and the treatment hasn't affected me too badly. Not mouth sores or ulcers, no bad sickness, just feeling a bit sick. Each cycle, the rubbish feeling seems to linger a bit longer but after the first week, I generally feel pretty decent.
Many thanks for your encouraging comments. It's great to know there are people out there sending their good thoughts your way.