Thursday, 20 March 2014

We are going to hit the press! (only the local one, the nationals can wait ;) )

I had a call from the Maidenhead Advertiser this week wanting to run a story on why I am running the London Marathon.  Anything that can potentially lead to more sponsorship is more than fine with me.  So the journalist called and asked me questions about Richie, about living with cancer, its impact on the family and then training for the big day.  It wasn't a particularly long conversation but it felt uncomfortable remembering what life was like during that terrible year.  It's not really what I want a story about Richie to be about, I wanted it to be about how amazing he was and how brave he was throughout the horrible experience he had to endure.  But then I suppose you never get what you want when dealing with cancer from any angle.
Yesterday a photographer came to the house to take a photo to go with the article.  Dressed in my sexy running leggings and bright yellow charity t-shirt I got snapped running in my garden!  Which means I will likely look a complete idiot in the photo!!  I'll past a link to the article when it goes live :)

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