Thursday, 9 January 2014


Part of my training plan for the 'big long run' includes a weekly Pilates session.  Usually on a Monday after the Sunday long run.  Recommended as it will help build core strength, flexibility and also a good stretch after pounding the roads for a couple of hours the day before.  I have also been advised it will be beneficial for the stress related symptoms I am currently experiencing.  So today I decided to give it a go.
Overall, the class was pretty good.  My body feels like it has had a good stretch out and I have worked    some muscles that I did not know existed, therefore I expect to ache a little bit tomorrow.  In terms of overall well-being improvement, hmmmm not sure.  I definitely felt more calm after the class, which will no doubt be destroyed the minute Harry aka 'the ball of energy' comes home from school.  However I massively struggled to relax and breath the correct way during the class - but I suppose this comes with practise so I should keep it up!  Will give it another go next week.
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