Thursday, 29 May 2008

This week

A quick summary of the week:

Monday - Bank holiday. Got dragged shopping with the wife. Mostly involved me trying to stop our son destroying shop fittings, whilst my wife slid away as deep into the shop and out of sight as possible.

Tuesday - Went to work. I was really tired, but it was good to catch up with people and I went out with my team for lunch, which was good.

Wednesday - Blood letting, I mean, blood test day. I went to the local hospital, got spiked. I now have a huge bruise on my arm, all the different hues of purple and blue. When they take blood, after they tell you to apply pressure to the spot they took it from. If you apply enough pressure or for long enough, you get a bruise. Looks like I was way off.

Thursday (today) - Didn't feel too great this morning, so doing some work from home.

Friday - This is chemo day number 6. Will mean that there are only 2 left after this one. I can't wait to be finished. This chemo cycle thing is really tedious. I know what I've got to look forward to and it's a drag. I know there will be a week of feeling pretty rubbish. Also, it seems to be taking longer each cycle to feel normal(ish) again. Stupid cycles.

The plan tonight was to go and see Indiana Jones. Well not see him personally, rather go and see the new film. I'll see if I feel up to it. Should be fine, just need to be feeling well for tomorrow, so they can make me toxic! Blimey, I'm a whinging git, arn't I!

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Sandra said...

Hello Mr. Whinging Git*

I finally managed to talk to my cousin after her first chemo session.
She felt unwell during the night, as if she was being asfixiated. Went to hospital and then had an emergency operation, where they found out she had a tumor in her throat...
They got rid of the uninvited lodger and now it’s chemo time!
She told me her cancer is also the Non Hodgkins Lymphoma type and she’s taking the same drugs, so was quite pleased with your tips on supplements.
She asked me to thank you and send you a kiss, so here goes...

Hope you were feeling up for Indy (I intend to see him/his film on Saturday) and the next chemo isn’t too horrible.

How long is it in-between chemo sessions? And once they’re over... is that it? Or do you need to carry on with some post-chemo treatment?

Look after yourself,

San x

*it doesn’t seem so, by the way.

PS: Went to a pub in Kent last weekend and the staff there reminded me of your post about the “sponsored sulk”. Think it could be a national campaign...