Thursday, 29 May 2008


I'm trying to put together a web site that gathers together what I've learnt about cancer and presents it in an easy to understand way. I'm using my superhero, Chemoman as the way to do this. The idea is that the web site is Chemoman's guide to cancer and told from his perspective. So far I've only got a couple of pages done and yeah, they need some work. Anyway, if I get some time when I'm feeling good I'll move it forward, until then, it can be seen here


Sandra said...

How can I say this? It's real cool!
Still laughing at " Shoot first, ask questions and send letters of condolence later!"

... but it's a bit long too. Maybe it'd work better if you had the information spread over different interviews - or stories (are there going to be adventures?)

Keep up the good work

Chemoman rocks!

Richard said...

Thanks for your thoughts.
It is the start for chemoman, so plenty to do. When to do it? Hmm, that's the tricky one.
You're right, the radio interview is a bit long. I might make it into several different ones or just paginate it or something.
There is more content to come, just got to get round to it!

Sandra said...

I think it’s really great what you’re doing. There are still people who avoid saying the word “cancer” as if it’s a bad-omen of some sort (but I’m with Harry Potter on this one, we should always name The-Ones-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named – and stop their mystique/mystical powers from spreading!)

When I started reading Chemoman’s radio interview, I thought the concept was absolute genius. You know, to have Batman&Robin-like superheroes who get to grips with fighting cancer as a way of explaining what the illness is, what it does, what the treatment is like, etc, in a very detailed but still easy to understand sort of way. Fantastic!
(Also, your dialogues are so good – and you sure can draw...)

But then I wondered who is your target audience?
And what’s their attention span?
Plus, nice comic adventures seem to be what your heroes are born to star in.
It’d certainly be easier to understand the DNA/cell copying thing if you scripted Joe’s little story.
And then... why Joe? I mean, Chemoman and Radboy are boys. Joe the cell seems to be male too. Is this a guys-only world? Not into Batgirl?
Well, I’d understand that – I’m more Cat Woman myself.

(If the cell was the female type, you could have a visual divide like in Bewitched and Jeannie: they both had brunette versions of themselves that were bad – and their cousins for some reason. On the other hand, the blond/brunette divide is so stereotype... but you get what I mean, don’t you?)

Writing the whole lot as a radio interview can be a good way of writing down all the content anyway, if you decide to do sth else about it later. Or not.
Whatever, still like Chemoman. Particularly because he’s a hero with a dark side. So obsessed in doing his thing (killing the cancer cells) that he can get some innocent ones hurt in the cross-fire... That’s good stuff.

And I just realised this post is huge! Sorry about that. Should stop getting carried away – and do some work for a change :-(

Good luck with everything :-)


Richard said...

Hi San,

I love it when you leave comments as you put in loads of thought and ideas.
I felt Chemoman had to be pretty dark as the treatment he is representing is a little on the dark side!
Glad you like the dialogue. I can take credit for that, but the artwork is not mine. I can't draw for toffee and had to rope someone in to do the art.
The wasn't a purposeful gender bias. The Chemoman/Radboy combo was paying homage to Batman and Robin, as you observed. Joe the cell was pretty random.

Sandra said...

Hi Rich

Shame the artwork isn’t yours. I think you should keep the talented artist roped in tight though. Of course not too tight he(?) couldn’t draw ... but tight enough to “convince” him to illustrate your stories
(or just bullshit him that it’s his chance to stardom – using the always so hopeful you-never-know theory thing)
And your dialogue is brilliant. Absolutely love it.
Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do with the whole thing!

(guess that makes me into an almost fan... oh dear)

Take care,