Sunday, 7 March 2010


Richie and myself have never really shied away from sharing pretty much everything on this blog since he started it a couple of years ago (seems like a lifetime ago sometimes). Therefore I thought I should share a recent experience with a psychic I had seen.

Myself and Richie were always interested in the spirit world, never really having a firm view on whether spirits/ghosts existed but were both mutually intrigued and would fairly regular join Paranormal Tours to see if we could find any evidence. I think we went on 3 tours together and I have been on an additional one that Richie missed out on as he was on one of his NLP courses. The first one was held in the Wycombe Hell Fire Caves, where the only 'spooky' event was the Psychic lady getting freaked out by the bats flying in and out of the caves! The other events we went on all had interesting things happen/noises heard etc but nothing concrete to cement our view anywhere other than on the fence.

So, to get back to the point of this blog, a few weeks ago I had an appointment with a Psychic - Stewart Keeys. I had actually met Stewart a couple of months after me and Richie got married, he was the assigned Psychic to a Paranormal Tour investigation we had been involved in in Wokingham. Stewart was a similar age to us and had a very calming nature, and you couldn't help but warm to him. I had attempted to book an appointment with him back in October last year (around the time that it would have been Richie's birthday) but I had bottled it at the last minute and never finalised the appointment. Anyway, this time I felt ready to go and see him - when I say ready I meant that I was prepared for the eventuality that could have been him having no information/messages/history etc to link Richie to me, something I was desperate for and hadn't really appreciated that until I was driving to this mans house.

I barely slept the night before the appointment, I was nervous, and scared, and also very sceptical. But I wanted to go this time and knew that I wouldn't be backing out. I slept under Richie's coat (something I do from time to time when I want to feel him close, odd I know but its comforting at times), which helped calm me down so I managed a bit of sleep. During the journey to Stewart's house I was very emotional, struggling not to cry and my heart was beating very fast.

When I arrived Stewart was over-running with another client and I therefore had about a 5 minute wait whilst he finished up. He then came and led me into his sitting room, I sat down and we had a quick chat around the way he 'worked' and what to expect etc. He would also be recording the session so I could take away a copy on CD with me.

He could tell that I was not overly relaxed and very nervous! But immediately said that when I walked into his house I was accompanied by a female and a male spirit. The female spirit was older and stayed close to me and sat with me whilst I was waiting, but the male spirit was younger and excited! He straight away centred on the male spirit saying that he had to keep saying I love You I love You, and then described a picture of yellow roses that this 'spirit' was showing him - apparently this is in symbol of eternal love in the spirit world. I immediately cried like a baby! He went onto describe lots of things about this spirit of a young man, who had died before his time. It all felt so Richie - he described symptoms of his condition before he passed, he described the moment of his passing (apparently peaceful but full of anger that it had happened too soon (and apparently this anger dissipated very quickly and moved to peace)), he described personality, appearance, humour, our children, the situation that I was left in financially and legally - it was spooky and comforting at the same time. I will not leave any more detail here than that but for anyone close to either myself or Richie and would like to listen to this CD then you are more than welcome. But please believe me that as emotional and upsetting as this time was with Stewart, it was also wonderful and heart-warming and whether this is the kind of thing you do or dont believe, I left his sitting room feeling happier that Richie was happy, pain free and still looking out for us all with his fantastic spirit, courage, humour and love.

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