Friday, 19 June 2009

Back to BerryHead

This coming Tuesday (23rd June) would have been mine and Richie's second wedding anniversary. I have decided to use this date and the location of our wedding - BerryHead in Devon - as the place to scatter his ashes. Deciding what to do with Richie's ashes has been a major brain ache for a long time. Burying them didn't seem right at all, and neither did keeping them cooped up in an urn at home or in the garden.

So next Tuesday myself and some friends and family are off to Devon for what will be the hardest trip of my life. At the moment it feels like I have to say goodbye to him all over again.

The plan for Tuesday is that we are all going to meet on Paignton beach, have a shot of Tequila to the tune of If I Leave This World Alive and then all run (Baywatch style of course!) into the sea! We will then drive onto the Berryhead Hotel for lunch before climbing the rocks and scattering Richie into the wind and sea.

It may seem strange to do something so difficult at a place I love so much, but this place is full of happy memories for me and Richie - it was the views we fell in love with and thus why we got married there. It was the place in the world we wanted to move to when we were older, and I hope when my time comes someone takes me and scatters me there out to sea to find my Richie again.


Anonymous said...

Hey lady, i check in on this every now & then and this just made me cry. See you soon. Tx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam. It was the most poignant and perfect setting. Wildo wil be proud of you.

Love ya